Don Hosek - Main page

Welcome to my revamped personal home page. This is an experiment in information presentation on the web. Based on Jakob Nielsen's claim that the site map is the most commonly used feature of web sites, I've decided to use a dynamic site map as the sole navigation feature for the site. At the right you'll see a listing of all the pages. As you move through this site's hierarchy, you'll find that the site map collapses to show only the relevant sections of this site, so, for example, if you go to the music page, you'll find that you only see top-level headings for most of the rest of the site.

For this to work, I needed to use some heavy-duty technology. Much of it is handled server side (or at page-building time), but the layout that I've selected depends heavily on some CSS features.

There are some things that I'm not happy with as they stand. I have no mechanism in place for catching dead links, the last updated feature doesn't work with URLs like when you mouse over them in the site map on the right... I should also make the PHP code behind the music diary a bit more robust so that it will check links there and also remove links to dead pictures in the database.

"Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words." -St Francis of Assisi