Don Hosek - Kevin Gilbert Songbook

This is a first cut at attempting to collect transcriptions of all of Kevin Gilbert's works. The songs are grouped by project, then by album. It also serves as a partial discography of Kevin's work. Since a lot of people are ending up on these pages apparently in search of information on Kevin or the groups he was involved in, I've started adding some annotations (corrections/additions always welcome) and links to purchase CDs which are still in print.


Kevin's first musical project, largely a collaboration between KG and Jason Hubbard.


Two albums were released by this group which won the Yamaha Soundcheck award and led to KG teaming up with Patrick Leonard.

Toy Matinee

Easily the classic album of the early 90s, while the credits imply that the band was strictly KG and Patrick Leonard with the other musicians being primarily hired guns, the concept and execution was much more a full band effort. Kevin ended up touring the music with a completely different backing band after the album was effectively shelved by the record company.

Tuesday Night Music Club

Originally a jamming/songwriting collective that hung out in Bill Bottrell's studio, this collaboration extended beyond Sheryl Crow's debut album to also provide songwriting and backing musicianship for albums by Susanna Hoffs (the Bangles) and Linda Perry (4 non-Blondes). Only songs that Kevin is credited with songwriting are listed in this section.

Kevin Gilbert Solo

Kevin released a single solo album before his death with a second one released posthumously by his estate. In addition there's another album of unreleased material scheduled for release and a handful of cover tracks around.


Kevin's final project, meant to be a dark, industrial band.

Misc collaborations and contributions

This section is dedicated to Kevin's assorted collaborations and song contributions scattered around a variety of other artist's albums.

Please note, this is meant to be a collaborative project. Please use the feedback link to send me any contributions or corrections.