Don Hosek - Kevin Gilbert Songbook - KG Solo
  1. When You Give Your Love to Me
    Words + chords
  2. Goodness Gracious
  3. Joytown
  4. Waiting
  5. Tea for One
    Words + chords
  6. Shadow Self
  7. The Tears of Audrey
    Words + chords
  8. Shrug (Because of Me and You)
  9. All Fall Down
  10. Song for a Dead Friend
Live at the Troubador

Only songs which are not on studio albums or that differ materially from the studio version are listed here.

  1. Leaving Miss Broadway
  2. Song for a Dead Friend
The Shaming of the True
  1. Parade
  2. City of the Sun chords
  3. Suit Fugue
  4. Image Maker
  5. Water Under the Bridge
  6. Best Laid Plans chords
  7. Smash
  8. Staring Into Nothing
  9. Fun
  10. From Here to There chords
  11. The Ghetto of Beautiful Things
  12. A Long Day's Life chords
  13. The Way Back Home chords
  14. Johnny's Other Song chords
  1. P.S. I Luv You TV Soundtrack
  2. Dark Justice TV Show Cues
  3. Dick Tracy Cues
  4. Tales from the Crypt - The Pit Soundtrack
  5. Angel 4 Undercover Soundtrack
  6. One West Waikiki TV Soundtrack
  7. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
  8. Back in New York City (Genesis)
  9. Siberian Khatru (Yes)

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