Don Hosek - Kevin Gilbert Songbook - KG Solo - Johnny's Other Song

Acoustic guitar tuned down one whole step

Actually I may very well be wrong about the 
tuning, but I think this will get you in the 

Bbmaj9  Cadd4  F   F/Eb   Dmin (last chord)

d|-10---5------3---3---- -0- 
a|-8----3------3---3---- -0-
f|-0----0------0---0---- -0-
c|-9----4------0---0---- -2-
g|-10---5------2---x---- -2-
D|-8-----------3---1---- -0-

Fret the Bb on the low D string with your thumb.

Add embellishments to the last chord by lifting 
up your fingers while strumming.

Courtesy of Kevin Schutt