Don Hosek - Flute - July 2000
That demon E3, Grandma's concert review
Featured flute recording
Duo: In Mårup Kirke

A recording by some obscure Danish musicians, the bulk of this album is flute and classical guitar with one multi-movement piece, Herbstlieder by Erik Norby which adds soprano voice into the mix. Recorded ambiently in a Danish church, at times the guitar is a bit hard to make out, but the performance is fantastic and the selection of music, focusing on late 19th and early 20th century composers is fantastic.

Continuing to make progress. My original scheme of advancing one lesson per week in The Complete flute player has been modified to be a bit more flexible, partly because my practice time is occasionally erratic and I'm also hitting lessons which are more fundamentals of music which are not a real challenge to me.

E3 has been a problem for a while. Much of it comes down to being properly warmed up before attempting the note, I think. At the beginning of the month, my ability to hit E3 was generally dicey, but it has improved as time goes on.

Officially according to the book, I've learned fingerings from C1 to F3, but I've peeked ahead to pick up the fingerings for F#3 and G3, neither of which represent a big difficulty. I've played on occasion all the notes up to C4 but the notes above G3 have been difficult to hit and the fingerings aren't quite carved into my brain yet.

Mid-month I decided to give my grandmother a brief flute concert in her room at the nursing home. I played the second movement of the Clementi Sonatina (that being the one which I can play best) and at the conclusion of the performance, she said, "It's wonderful that you wanted to do something nice for me, but you should know, I can't stand the sound of the flute!" I never knew.

Still working on Clementi and the Beethoven duet. I finally got around to looking up the C2/D2 trill fingering (used in the Beethoven). Hey! I get to use a trill key for a trill. For those who care, there's a great page of fingerings for flute (and other woodwinds) at The Woodwind Fingering Guide.

The hard disk recorder is on hand, but the hard disk I bought for it is defective... so my first recordings for this space are in the future.