Don Hosek - Flute - May 2001
Flute in Dream in Color
Featured flute recording
James Newton - Echo Canyon

This is rapidly becoming my favorite jazzy flute album. The album is entirely unaccompanied flute, improvised and recorded in a remote canyon in Arizona. The music has a quiet meditative feel to it and the sounds of nature in the background are audible at differing levels on all the tracks. Without a backing band, Newton's music is able to move freely wherever he feels it should take him, so don't expect swing. It's a bit more avant-jazz meets Debussy.

The liner notes with the description of just what was involved in doing this location recording are great fun.

May 23rd marked my debut on flute in public performance with Dream in Color, where I played a small amount of flute at the beginning of one of our originals, "New Years Eve," before returning to bass for the rest of the song. It was, at best a passable performance, but a nice milestone. I'd like to integrate some flute more fully into some subsequent pieces, although none of my own writing has yet been conducive to the use of the flute.