Don Hosek - Movies I've seen in 2000

Each movie's given with a quickie review and the date that I've seen it. They're listed from best to worst. If a film has a number in brackets after the title, that indicates a film I've seen more than once, and which viewing I'm listing. I'd also point out that I do see revival and repertory stuff so not every film on the list will be a 2000 release. It will, however, be a film I saw projected on a screen in a dark room filled with strangers. Titles in bold feature a film that I wouldn't have seen ordinarily, but went because of who I was going with.

  1. Spartacus. Wow. It boggles the imagination to imagine what it would have been like with an unrestrained Kubrick (8/27)
  2. Doctor Strangelove. This is the War Room. You can't fight in here! (8/30)
  3. Best in Show. How did everyone miss this? How did I almost miss this? Don't miss this. (10/18)
  4. The Big Kahuna. Great character study and excellent adaptation of a play to the screen. (4/30)
  5. Hard Day's Night. Paul's Grandfather steals the show. He's a clean old man. (12/10)
  6. Almost Famous. For everyone who's ever loved rock music, this is a must see film. (10/4)
  7. Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Not everyone's cup of tea. But it's mine. (7/4)
  8. The Talented Mr Ripley. Brilliant performances all around. (1/9)
  9. Return to Me. An old-fashioned romantic comedy. (5/12)
  10. Men of Honor. A maudlin last act almost spoils it, but the performances from De Niro and Gooding are not to be missed. (11/11)
  11. Chicken Run. Not quite Wrong Trousers calibre but excellent nevertheless. You forget you're watching clay. (6/30)
  12. The Whole Nine Yards. Hilarious. The fact that all of the mob figures were all pointedly not Italian added a subtle bit of humor. (4/?)
  13. Sweet and Lowdown. Woody's best writing in quite a while. (1/28)
  14. The Virgin Suicides. Hauntingly beautiful. (6/17)
  15. Road to El Dorado. Quite entertaining in the spirit of the Hope/Crosby Road pics. (3/?)
  16. Space Cowboys. A somewhat nonsensical plot. Turn off your mind to enjoy. (8/16)
  17. Fantasia 2000. I could have done without the celebrity cameos, but the animations were top-notch. (3/?)
  18. Deterrance. Great acting, silly plot. (4/?)
  19. Man in the Moon. It was possible to forget that I was watching Jim Carey for most of the film. (1/1)
  20. Galaxy Quest. Essential viewing for any trekkie. (2/4)
  21. Meet the Family. With De Niro and Stiller, you should have gotten better. (10/14)
  22. High Fidelity. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was left disappointed. (4/?)
  23. What lies beneath. An intriguing film spoiled by stupid plotting (8/?)
  24. Holy Smoke. Well it was very strange, but ultimately unsatisfying. (3/?)
  25. Ninth Gate. The abrupt ending to a film has lost its impact now. (3/?)
  26. Any Given Sunday. Didn't really rise above the cliches. (1/3)
  27. Scream 3. Proof that sequels get progressively worse (except for the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series) (4/?)
  28. Mission Impossible 2. Further proof that sequels get progressively worse (I fear MI3). (6/1)
  29. The Skulls. Terminally stupid. (5/7)
  30. Hanging Up. A not very good weepie. (2/21)
  31. 102 Dalmations. Unbelievably bad (11/25)