Don Hosek - Movies I've seen in 1997

Each movie's given with a quickie review and the date that I've seen it. They're listed from best to worst. I intend to see every movie featuring a cast member of The Friends that comes out this year so the bottom will likely be quite populous. Movies in Bold feature a cast member from The Friends. If a film has a number in brackets after the title, that indicates a film I've seen more than once, and which viewing I'm listing. [f] indicates a film I saw at the Chicago International Film Festival. I'd also point out that I do see revival and repertory stuff so not every film on the list will be a 1997 release. It will, however, be a film I saw projected on a screen in a dark room filled with strangers.

  1. My Dinner with Andre. [2] Because I think like Andre. (6/10)
  2. Bad Manners. [f] An excellent film centered on game theory, of all things. (10/15)
  3. Chinatown. Water and power. (6/12)
  4. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. A lot of people have whined about how it isn't as good as the book. I didn't read the book. It's a good movie. (11/30)
  5. Cop Land. Richly layered, beautifully acted. (8/23)
  6. Night Falls on Manhattan. Wow. Incredible. But Andy Garcia is about as Irish as Joe Mantegna is Jewish. (5/31)
  7. The Ride. [f] Funniest movie of the year. If it gets distribution, go see it.
  8. Men in Black. Damn near perfect. (7/4)
  9. Hamlet. Branagh's best, Shakespeare's too. (1/27)
  10. Donnie Brasco. Italian guys wacking people. I'm there. (4/5)
  11. The Rainmaker. What a difference a director makes. (12/7)
  12. Scream 2. Well, it's not the Godfather Part II, but it's a pretty good sequel. (12/14)
  13. The Matchmaker. An Italian girl finds love in Ireland. Yeah, I think it'll do well in Chicago. (10/12)
  14. The Van. Watch that snapper! (6/21)
  15. Kini and Adams. [f] I expected "The Gods Must be Mechanics", which this was not, but it was still a v. good film. (10/10)
  16. Children of the Revolution. Stalin sings! (6/14)
  17. Grosse Point High. What can I say, I like films in which people are wacked. (5/10)
  18. George of the Jungle. Nobody dies in this movie. (7/29)
  19. Hercules. Witty and good songs too. (6/22)
  20. Con Air Art film actors make an action flick. (6/6)
  21. La Grande Quercia. [f] It starts well and then just sort of ends up no where. (10/18)
  22. The Full Monty. Self-esteem through public nudity. (11/2)
  23. Manhattan. Soon Yi foreshadowed. (6/19)
  24. Mother. It's Albert Brooks. Of course it's good. (5/11)
  25. The Wings of the Dove. Who'da thunk I'd've ranked John Grisham above Henry James? (12/13)
  26. Austin Powers. Groovy, baby. Oh God, I hope it doesn't spawn more catchphrases. (5/24)
  27. In & Out. Outstanding performances, but an unbelievable story and an unbearably cloying conclusion. (10/25)
  28. The Man Who Knew Too Little. An awful epilogue, the Peter Gallagher bits could have been left out, but it was still rather funny. Certainly much better than Larger than Life. (11/16)
  29. Anastasia. The Hank Azaria bits made the film, the animation was great, but the entertainment level was very uneven. (11/29)
  30. Chicago Cab. [f] An extended improv sketch which ultimately says nothing. Some good bits of comedy and it's occasionally even poignant, but so what? Maybe it's better on the stage. (10/22)
  31. Shorts V: Animation. [f] Spike & Mike's is much better. (10/15)
  32. The Headhunter's Sister. [f] Bored boomers in the bowery (10/11)
  33. Scream. Great movie for film buffs. (1/7)
  34. Everyone Says I Love You. They can't sing, it has no ending, but it was fun. (1/29)
  35. Trouble on the Corner. [f] Given all the time spent on character development, you'd think the characters would be more, well, developed. (10/17)
  36. Jump the Gun. [f] I'm not sure what the film was trying to do. (10/18)
  37. Face/Off. It looked great, it was just kind of dumb. (7/11)
  38. Conspiracy Theory. Mind control? OK. A new York taxi driver speaks English? I don't think so. (9/6)
  39. Nothing to Lose. It was funny even if it didn't make any sense. (8/1)
  40. Evita. Fantastic visuals even if ALW can't write a memorable tune to save his life. (1/26)
  41. Fools Rush In. Pacing problems, but better than I expected. (5/17)
  42. Picture Perfect. At least I got to see Illeana Douglas in her bra. (8/6)
  43. My Fellow Americans. Light. Implausible. Entertaining. (1/5)
  44. Contact. All scientists are atheists, all religious people are luddites and Clinton gets gumped. Feh. (7/24)
  45. Jerry Maguire. Should be burned for inflicting "Show me the money!" on American culture. (1/4)