Don Hosek - Keys

I began playing piano at the age of 3 or 4. My grandfather had bought a piano for our family and my brothers had started on lessons. Wanting to do the things that they did, I decided that I would play piano too. I managed to decipher the instructions for playing the first song in the book, called "swinging" and taught myself how to play it. And then proceded to play it without ceasing. I believe that my parents sent me to music lessons out of self-defense.

I've kept up with playing any keyboard I could get my hands on ever since. In 1993, I bought a piano of my own, a template baby grand piano which served me well for the next four years when I sold it when I sold my house and moved out of Los Angeles. Since then I've been making do with a series of electronic keyboards, starting with just a Roland A33 and an E-mu Proformance and then proceeding to add gear until the monstrous selection of keyboards and modules listed at the right was acquired. For now, I'm done, but I can see ultimately picking up a good Hammond Organ simulator of some sort and a proper piano (ideally a nice Steinway grand).

The Proformance has since left my possession, and I've cleared out the page for it which is a bit of bad news for those who've come looking for info on it. Here's the short version: It's worth about $30 and all the non-piano sounds suck.