Don Hosek - Voce Electric Piano

I picked this up initially as a companion to my E-mu Proformance. While that unit provided a usable acoustic piano, its "electric piano" samples were, to be polite, useless.

The Voce provides an excellent set of electric piano samples, including, of course, Rhodes, but also Wurlitzer, Pianet, Clavinet and DX samples. Of these, only with the Rhodes do I have extensive experience with the real thing, and they've managed to model the sounds of the Rhodes quite well, right down to the distortion created from fortissimo playing. The highest and lowest notes are a bit weak, but with a 73-key controller, you'll likely not notice.

The "headphone" output is so weak as to effectively be useless.

Patch list
Wurlitzer 200
Wurlitzer 120
Clavinet AC
Clavinet AD
Clavinet BC
Clavinet BD
Clavinet II
Rhodes Stage
Rhodes Suitcase
Rhodes Nail Polish
Harpsichord 8'
Harpsichord 8', 4'
Pianet "T"
Pianet "A"
Wurlitzer 120 with Tremolo
Clavinet with Auto Wah-wah
Rhodes Nail Polish with Chorus
Rhodes Suitcase with Tremolo
Clavinet with Auto wah-wah and chorus
Pianet "A" with tremolo
DX EP1 with chorus
DX EP2 with chorus
Clavinet with wah-wah
Rhodes stage with chorus
Wurlitzer 200 with Tremolo
Harpsichord 8', 4' with auto
Harpsichord 8', 4' with chorus
DX EP1 with tremolo
RMI with auto wah-wah

It's possible to set up the Voce to receive on three adjacent channels for polytimbral sounds.

Patches 23 and above can only be accessed via MIDI.

The going price

These are still being sold new for $470. Used expect to pay around $200-300.

The competition

These days, I use the Rhodes sample in my A90EX most of the time, but for a nice dirty EP sound, the Voce still can't be beat.