Don Hosek - My musical endeavors

I've been drawn to music for as far back as I can remember, and learned to read music not too long after I learned to read.

I was also blessed with a gift for music which has been both a blessing and a curse. The blessing, I would think, is obvious, the curse though calls for some more explanation: Because I had a high level of natural ability, I've tended to coast through my musical life, not practicing anywhere near as much as I ought to. As an adult, I attempt to do better, but it's harder now with all the aspects of ordinary life which pull at me.

Still, there's nothing like music to make me happy. Perhaps the most pleasant 90 minutes of my life was spent in a piano store in southern California on a rainy afternoon, performing an impromptu series of improvisations for an audience of one (the store owner who was pleased to see someone in the store even if I wasn't buying).

The links at the left give a bit of a snapshot into what sort of things I'm doing musically, the main projects at the moment being Dream in Color and the church gigs. The latest news on what I've been doing is at my diary.

One last bit of fun: There was a six degrees of separation thread on Elephant Talk looking to find the shortest path to connect Robert Fripp with disparate musicians. Here's my best effort at connecting me (each link requires a recording or public performance):

  1. me -> Roey Ben-Yoseph (Dream in Color 2000 demo)
  2. Roey -> Jon Rubin (Bigwheel Rugby Train - Jon produced)
  3. Jon -> Kevin Gilbert (Rubinoos Paleophonic - Kevin produced and played keyboards)
  4. Kevin -> Mike Keneally (Genesis and Yes tribute albums - Mike played guitar)
  5. Mike -> Robert Fripp (G3 tour)