Don Hosek - About me

This section of my personal web pages is mostly a catch-all for the miscellaneous bits of personal disclosure that don't fit into the framework above.

If you're wondering if I'm the same "Don Hosek" you knew at some point in the past, it's possible. So far no one has sent me an e-mail asking me if I was who they thought I was and been wrong.

The following Don Hoseks are me.

Since my first post on 21 April 1986, I've been spotted in the following news groups. I'm not sure what inspired me to post in some of these groups. Because posting to usenet has become increasingly spam-bait, my Usenet participation is close to zero these days, and so this list represents more a historical record of interests than a contemporary record.

The following Don Hoseks are not me.

My fiancée has her own XML and XQuery development website.