Don Hosek - Bass - MusicMan Stingray Fretless 5
Me with the Stingray during a break on the Kate Shindle "Till Today" sessions.

My newest bass. I spent about five years trying different fretless basses before settling on this one. Most that I tried were, frankly garbage, with flabby low Bs that sounded like mud, even at the high end (an F bass that I tried, was one that failed to pass muster). I was considering a Wal, but they are hard to come by in the US, so I ended up ordering the Stingray from Bass Central in Florida. (They also, it turns out, carry Wals, but the price is about double what I'd pay for the Stingray, so I can live with having "settled.")

I bought one with the piezo pickup and love the tonal possibilities that it's capable of.

This is rapidly becoming my primary bass with Dream in Color. There's a recording with it at DiC's site.