Don Hosek - Marathon - 26 July 1998

My very first race (unless you count high school gym class). Also my first opportunity to meet some other FOOLS. Eric Zorn looks a lot different when his head isn't about an inch high.

I ran the 12.4 miles in 2:23:59. Actually a little bit faster than I'd planned, with a rather consistent pace of a bit better than 11:30 (and this with the 12 minute mile pace group of FOOLS). I actually dropped out of the pace group (which had dwindled down to two then merged with the 11:30 pace group which was also two people) at the last aid station since they were taking shorter walking breaks at the aid stations than I really wanted to. This was fine because I got to run the last 1.4 miles with an attractive blonde flight attendant instead. (Yes I know the attractive blonde flight attendant thing is a cliche, but it's a cliche for a reason.) The last dozen yards or so, in the finish chute, I was able to run at my fastest pace. I must be doing something right.

Is it just me, or does pizza and beer at the finish line seem out of step with the general healthiness aura surrounding long-distance running?