Don Hosek - Marathon - 22 March 1998

While other FOOLS were running the Shamrock shuffle today, I decided to take a pass. It's a 5 mile run which is more than double the longest run that I've attempted thusfar and I decided that it would be best not to push myself like that. This was a good thing I believe, since a half block short of the end of my run I felt a sharp pain in my side and ended up walking the last fifty yards or so rather than risking ending up a crumpled heap of flesh on the sidewalk. The pain dissipated fairly quickly and I assume it was because I didn't put enough time between lunch and the run, but it did make me glad I was only running two miles and not five. Of course, when I add the walking that I did to warm up and cool down (and get my groceries home) I did a total of four miles today anyway.