Don Hosek - Marathon - 15 March 1998

I should be used to snow, it's what I started running in, but I found that the aftermath of Monday's storm was too treacherous to do much running in, so most of my milage this week was by walking. Nevertheless, I have put on some pretty decent numbers over the week. I still did the long run as well, although picking my way through the snow and ice made things a bit more of a challenge than I'd prefer. I managed my slowest pace yet during the long run today.

While walking the streets these days, it's difficult to avoid being assaulted by little thugs pushing that most dangerous of substances, the THIN MINT. I've managed to maintain my will power but only just barely. There's three or four boxes in the freezer just waiting for Lent to end (after Holy Thursday mass). I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid eating them all at one sitting, but it will be a challenge.